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Providing You With Honest And Accurate Results In A Timely Manner

Please use the Computer Service Request Form at the top of the page to quicken your repair process. I constantly monitor the email and can respond much faster than by phone. It will also allow me to do some background work on your situation before I contact you, making it easier and less confusing. The computer advice changes daily so be sure to check back often!

I'm here to provide local, Bellingham and surrounding area, personal computer repair. Whether it's in home or dropped off, I'm here to provide you with excellent customer service from the moment we meet to the time your repair is complete. A significant difference between myself and a large company is that personal experience that I add to the computer repair service. I will work for your continued business by providing you with superior turn around times, excellent communication, and a complete computer repair so you don't have to frequently return. Unlike the larger chains, you'll know who is working on your computer and that it's not someone trying to fill their quota.

Providing honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of building dedicated and loyal customers. For this reason, I am running FREE diagnostics on all computers. You will get a thorough diagnostic analysis of all hardware in your computer, as well as a virus scan. If you are having issues with your computerĀ or feel like something isn't normal, bring it in! Let me take a look at it, I will explain the problems to you and recommend a repair solution that works. This is my passion and I want you to feel like you're being treated fairly.

Please feel free to read about my previous work experience and how it has brought me to computer repair. Get to know me, then give me a call whenever you have an issue, day or night! I always love doing a virus or spyware removal for the Bellingham community!



Dog On Fire - Computer Repair


Computer Advice Corner

Happy Monday!

Computer running slowly and you don't know why? I can run a FREE diagnostic service on your computer and let you know why it's running slow!

A Virus can cripple a computer, a free diagnostic will allow me to see if you're infected!

Virus infections can be costly if the attacker has compromised your accounts - let me see what type of virus is in there and if you need to reset passwords.

If you've never done a memory upgrade, now is the time. The cost of memory is low right now, so why not double your memory and browse the web faster!

Be sure to check out my Computer Help Blog. It's filled with info to help you stay safe. Click the link below to go to the Blog.

Computer Repair Blog